Capability to manage the largest equipment.


Bridges Equipment's fabrication facilities are equipped and staffed with the resources and expertise to cut, weld, assemble, paint and test equipment for repair and overhaul. As well as supporting our customers’ machinery, our facilities are custom built to support the manufacturing of our own range of designed equipment under the Bridges Equipment brand.

Located next to the machine shop facility, our fabrication plant has the capability to manage the largest equipment, such as drawworks and mud pumps. Our lifting capacity, painting equipment, fabrication areas, and welding machines can produce new equipment built to the highest industry standards and can remanufacture used equipment as good as new.

Pump Unitization

Bridges Equipment is the industry leader in the unitization of triplex mud pumps. As an OEM distributor for Caterpillar Rig Power, Detroit Diesel, and Joliet motors, we provide our customers with a wide range of options to meet their pump needs.

With a large number of customers in all areas of the oil and gas drilling industry, Bridges Equipment is seen as a trusted, reliable source of equipment and engineering.

We provide:

  • Power options to suit customers' preference
  • Extensive knowledge of application
  • Dedicated facilities for custom pump unitization built to customer's specifications
  • Complete aftermarket backup and support

Water Tanks

Bridges Equipment uses its extensive fabrication facilities to manufacture water tanks, dog houses, and other supportive applications for our oil and gas drilling customers.

Mud Pits

Bridges Equipment uses its extensive fabrication facilities to manufacture mud pits for our oil and gas drilling customers.

Complete Rigs

Bridges Equipment have considerable experience in supplying complete rigs for drilling applications. We are known for delivering to our drilling customers a reliable rig complete with all the equipment and components necessary for a fully operational drilling operation.

With Bridges Equipment you have a "one-stop-shop" for all your rig equipment, from the complete rig to all the supporting and auxiliary equipment. Call today to get information on the rig systems we have supplied for both domestic and international operations.

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