Equipped with the required vertical and horizontal lathes, mills, boring, and gear cutting equipment.


The Bridges Equipment machine shop is laid out for easy management and work flow of the large components that are the backbone of oil and gas field equipment. Our lifting capacity enables us to manage the biggest jobs our clients bring to us.

The machine hall is equipped with the required vertical and horizontal lathes, mills, boring equipment, and gear cutting required to manufacture new equipment and repair existing components.

Our clients worldwide have grown to rely on our customized machining facility for oil and gas field equipment. More than a quarter of a century's experience in serving the oil and gas industry ensures our manufacturing facility is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Reverse Engineering

As a manufacturer, Bridges Equipment has the engineering, design and manufacturing resources to produce a wide range of equipment and components required by the oil and gas industry.

Using our 3D computer design and machine tooling resources, we offer to our clients the ability to reverse-engineer vital components no longer supported by the original manufacturer. This offers the following advantages:

  • Equipment that is otherwise fully operational can be kept in service
  • Downtime spent searching for required components is reduced
  • Equipment life is extended
  • Economical service solutions are provided


Bridges Equipment is an industry leader in repair to the oil and gas industry. Few operations have invested in the manufacturing and repair facilities to the degree Bridges Equipment has.

As a manufacturer of the equipment we are servicing, Bridges Equipment has the capability to completely overhaul oil and gas equipment from the bottom up. Equipment repaired and overhauled by Bridges Equipment is returned to our clients as if it were new.

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