Capturing power from heat generated by the Earth’s core.

Geothermal Drilling

Bridges Equipment LTD designs, builds, sells, services, repairs, overhauls and remanufactures some of the most sophisticated oil and gas drilling equipment in the world and has been for the last three decades. Now it is serving a growing number of new customers on an even more challenging energy frontier – capturing power from heat generated by the Earth’s core through geothermal drilling.

Geothermal drilling is tougher than for oil or gas. You go through harder, denser rock than the softer, sedimentary shales that hold oil or gas. You need to drill larger wellbores to guarantee needed mass flow. You fight heat, brine, corrosion and surface overburden to keep equipment working and energy flowing. And no two well-sites will present the same challenges.

Bridges Equipment thrives on such challenges. Our trained, experienced professionals and skilled workers are moving into the future by staying ahead of the curve. We have machine tools and fabricating facilities that few others have to create the largest sized custom components in the industry.

We can provide geothermal drillers with any major drilling components they need. Just as we provide oil and gas producers with everything they need, we can deliver to geothermal drillers everything from complete drilling rigs and mud pumps built to their specifications to any other component they might need.

We also offer unmatched repair and reverse engineering capabilities that can be vital to keep equipment running in the hotter, more abrasive, highly corrosive, high compressive environment in which geothermal drills work. Our significant investment in manufacturing and repair technology and facilities gives us the capability to completely overhaul equipment from the bottom up. And when vital parts are difficult or impossible, to find, we have the design and machine tooling capability to reverse engineer and re-create those needed parts and keep units running longer at lower costs and with less downtime.

We design, build, sell, service, support, and repair drilling equipment made specifically for geothermal installations, suited for the wide variety of geologies found there and diverse drilling needs encountered there. Call today for more information on systems we’ve created for geothermal energy producers in the U.S., Central and South America and elsewhere overseas.

Just as we do in the traditional oil and gas fields in which we first put down our company’s roots, we provide our growing number of geothermal customers full service and support for their equipment.

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